Established in 1951, Dr. Zia Pharmaceuticals is among the leading importers, exporters and manufacturers of Homeopathic medicines in Pakistan.



DR. ZIA Homoeopathic Pharma was established in 1951. It was first operated by Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob under the name of Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy. It served the homeopathic community with medicines, retail and clinical advice.

In 1968, it underwent expansion and started its own manufacturing plant.
Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob served as its president till 1991. After his death, his son Dr. Ziauddin Yaqoob took over the family business and is running it to date. In its course of more than 60 years, the company has offered its customers some of the most innovative and leading products in the market which include Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Bio-mineral salts and Titurations.

Today, along with Dr. Ziauddin Yaqoob, his sons Dr. Zeeshan Zia Yaqoob and

Dr. Zohaib Zia, perform their own individual roles in bringing the company forward and up to date with the current market.

Dr.Zeeshan Zia Yaqoob leads the overall operations of the company with the wide range of natural homoeopathic, herbal and nutraceuticals health care business. He is a graduate from the university of England having vast experience in marketing and human resources. He also gained experiences through countless training’s, workshops and attending expo pharmaceuticals events local and internationally.

Dr.Zohaib Zia looks after the supply chain and finance department having a master degree from the university from Australia.

Our philosophy flows from the ground up. We trust in consuming botanical ingredients that are grown in natural habitat and are processed safely, deprived of the use of any chemicals. We produce quality products, for healthier people, and for a healthier planet.


Over the past several years, we have transformed Dr. Zia Pharma through a series of successful business development initiatives. By design, we are a very different company today than we were just a few years ago. We aim to maximize the potential of our existing brands while building a portfolio of differentiated products. I am very pleased to share the following important developments as we pursue our goals.

At Dr. Zia Pharma, we are dedicated to innovating healthcare. All our efforts are directed towards developing novel solutions for unmet medical needs. Over the years, our search for better ways of maintaining and restoring health has resulted in a steady stream of pioneering therapeutic and alternative products.

We are very proud to be working with world famous international brands Alexendra Pflueger, SRL.Plantextrakt, Doppel herz. The combined strengths of our diagnostics and pharmaceuticals businesses, coupled with expertise in the hired

human resource, equip us to develop integrated healthcare solutions and therapeutic approaches tailored to individual patients’ needs.

Our product range addresses the entire healthcare spectrum, from correctly diagnosing, preventing to treating the disease, and then furthermore, monitoring the treatment response. We deliver a unique contribution to better healthcare. We aim to improve health and quality of life of people all around Pakistan.

At Dr. Zia Pharma, we have pursued this mission with patience, dedication, imagination and skill, for nearly half a century. Our vision is to develop targeted medicines and diagnostic tools that combine to offer patients, physicians and all our stakeholders better, safer, more cost-effective healthcare.

Dr. Zeeshan Zia Yaqoob

C.E.O, Dr. Zia Pharmaceuticals



Dr. Willmar Schwabe pharmaceutical company invited Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob to Germany and Standard Homoeopathic Pharmacy was made an official distributor of Schwabe products in Pakistan. This was the very first time imported homoeopathic medicines were introduced in Pakistan through our firm.


Willmar Schwabe pharmaceutical company invited Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob to Germany, making Standard Homoeopathic Pharmacy an official distributor of Schwabe products in Pakistan. This marked the introduction of imported homoeopathic medicines to Pakistan through our firm.


Ziauddin Yaqoob established agreements with Hyland’s USA, Apia Laboratory (Germany), and Pfluger Laboratory (Germany) to become the sole distributor of these renowned international pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan.


Ziauddin Yaqoob introduced Boericke & Tafel (U.S.A), Luyties Pharmaceutical (U.S.A), and JSO Pharma (Germany) products to Pakistan.


Standard Homoeopathic Pharmacy established a Marketing & Sales department to distribute products from DR.ZIA Homoeopathic Pharma Pakistan, Pflueger Germany, Apia Labs Germany, and Hyland’s USA. This department was led by Dr. Zeeshan Yaqoob, the grandson of the late Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob.


In early 2009, Standard Homoeopathic Pharmacy rebranded as DR. ZIA Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Zeeshan Zia Yaqoob initiated the Yaqoob Homeopathic Center for Comprehensive Healthcare.


ZIA Pharma expanded its field force and began conducting biannual seminars and training workshops for doctors, retailers, and wholesalers.

New products, Gastrozee and Nephrozee, were launched.

Zeeshan Zia Yaqoob introduced an Export Department, successfully initiating the export of company medicines.


Introduced a new product, Damiana M & Asthmazee.

Implemented an Inventory Management System (IMS) at the distribution level.


Appointed as sole agents for south Asian countries by A.Pflueger.

Introduced a unique range of natural, sugar-free syrups named Gino-Z, Femin-H, Cough-Z, and Gastrol.


Upgraded quality control and microbiology laboratory equipment for better production and raw material testing.

Offered third-party manufacturing for homoeopathic and herbal medicines.

Obtained a manufacturing certificate from the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.

Gained distribution rights for the South Asia region for single remedies from SRL Plantextrakt Romania.


Introduced four additional natural syrups: Liverol-Z, Alfalfa-Z, Ironol-Z, and Feverol-Z


Launched new sections for herbal ointments, creams, and capsules.

Introduced new homoeopathic combination drops: Diabetic compound, De worm-Z, Influenza-Z, Rauwolfia-Z, and Prostita-Z.

Introduced a new product line of Gemmotherapy and phytotherapy from SRL Plantextrakt.

Introduced a specialized product line of 60ml sugar-free Kids tonics.

Introduced Calendula and Rheuma salbe ointments.


Established a new brand, BiomedicolZ, specializing in phytopharmaceutical products. 2020

Introduced a high-end brand, FloraZ, focused on dermatological products. 2021

Commenced planning for the expansion of the manufacturing facility at Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore.


Zia Pharma implemented a new cloud-based ERP system to gain comprehensive control over daily operations and enhance overall workplace effectiveness and efficiency.


Began construction of Dr. Zia Laboratories Pvt Ltd at Sundar Industrial Estate, dedicated to the production of homoeopathic, nutraceuticals, and phytopharmaceuticals.