• Alfalfa-Z Sugar free tonic

    Alfalfa-Z Sugar free tonic


    Increase growth spurts in children
    Provide nutrients to bones and teeth
    Loss of Appetite
    Nervous irritability
    Regulate body metabolism
    Weight loss

    Compositions: 120ml contain

    10ml contains: 10ml=9.266g

    Active ingredients:

    Avena sativa Dil D2 ————————–  1.00g
    Calcium phosphoricum Dil D6 ————–  0.42g
    Cinamonum ceylanicum Dil D10 ———— 0.52g
    Ferrum  phosphoricum D6 ——————- 0.42g
    Hydratsis canadensis Dil D4 —————-  0.35g
    Kalium phosphoricum Dil D6 —————  0.42g
    Magnesium phosphoricum Dil D6 ———-  0.42g
    Medica sativa  (Alfalfa) MT ——————  0.50g
    Natrum phosphoricum Dil D6 ————–  0.42g
    Nux vomica Dil D12 ————————–  0.21g
    Panax ginseng  Dil D3 ————————- 0.50g

    In-active ingredients:

    Alcohol content: Less than 5% v/v
    Purified water

    Direction to use:


    Acute conditions use 1 Tablespoon (15ml) 5 times a day.
    Chronic conditions use 1 Tablespoon (15ml) 3 times a day.

    Children Age under 15:  

    Acute conditions use 1 Teaspoon (5ml) 4 times a day.
    Chronic conditions use 1 Teaspoon (5ml) 3 times a day.
    Or as directed by your physician.
    Any opacities occurring in the liquid have no influence on the medicine efficacy.

    Drug Facts & Compositions

    Avena sativa Dil D2 (Oatstraw):
    Brain fatigue; Debility; delirium; Impotency; Nervous disorders; Palpitation; Sexual weakness; Sleeplessness.

    Calcium phosphoricum Dil D6 (Calcium phosphate):
    Nutrient for the bones heals broken and decaying of bones. Calcium phosphoricum supports growth and healing processes of the bones and teeth

    Cinnamomum Ceylanicum Dil D10 (Cinnamon Tree):
    Feeble patients with languid circulation.

    Ferrum phosphoricum Dil D6 ( Calcium flouride):
    The most important salt for mal-nutrient bones & teeth. Increases the elasticity of the connective tissues; ligaments and tendons as well as the firmness of the bones and teeth.

    Ginseng Dil D3 (Panax Ginseng):
    Weakness; loss of appetite; Anxiety.

    Hydrastis canadensis Dil D4 (Golden Seal):
    Depressed; Hydrastis is active in old; easily tired people; Great debility.

    Kalium phosphoricum Dil D6 (Potassium phosphate):
    Helps to find a balanced state of mind and stabilises the nervous system. It is indicated in the treatment of mental; emotional and physical exhaustion and general states of weakness. Supports treatment of depressions.

    Nux vomica Dil D12 (Poison Nut):
    Digestive disturbances; Ravenous hunger; Weight and pain in the stomach; worse eating.

    Natrium phosphoricum Dil D6 (Sodium phosphate):
    Regulates the balance of body fluids. Helps in digestion by cutting acidity levels in the body.

    Magnesium phosphoricum Dil D6 (Magnesium phosphate):
    Helpful for the development of muscles. It is indicated in the treatment of muscle pains e.g. menstrual pains; common tensions in the neck or shoulders and painful spasms in the gastrointestinal tract.

    Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa) MT:
    Alfalfa favorably influences nutrition; Appetite and digestion greatly improved mental and physical vigor.


    Side effects: None known
    Interaction with other medicaments: None know

    As with any drug, ask a doctor before use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a physician if
    Symptoms persist for more than 48 hours or worsen.

    Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children.

    Presistent condition of symptoms may be a sign of serious condition.
    Do not use if the product bottle seal is broken or missing.

    Question and comments:


    Keep it in a cool & dry place.
    Shake well before use.
    Store at 30 °C or lower


    This product is formulated and prepared under the method of Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia.


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    Concordant Materia medica , Boriicke boger, Clarke lippe, Phatak pulford.
    Homoeopathic  Materia medica & repertory, W.Boericke,MD

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