• Anginovin Drops

    Anginovin Drops


    Acute Feverish inflammation
    Acute or Chronic Tonsillitis

    Compositions :
    50ml packing: 10ml (=9.247g)

    Active ingredients:
    Aconitum napellus Dil D4 ————————1.396g
    Ailanthus glandulosa Dil D1 ———————0.447g
    Apis mellifica  Dil D2 ——————————0.444g
    Eupatorium perfoliatum Dil D1 —————–0.445g
    Gelsimium sempervirens Dil D4 —————0.931g
    Kalium chloratum Dil D4 ————————-1.396g
    Kalium stibyltaricum Dil D8 ———————1.396g
    Lachesis muta Dil D8 —————————-1.396g
    Mercurius sublimatus corrosivus Dil D1 —- 1.396g

    In-active ingredient:
    Alcohol content: v/v 53% 

    Direction to use:

    Adult: In Acute conditions use 10-15 drops 4-5 times a day & in Chronic conditions use 10-15 drops 3 times a day in some water.
    Children Age under 15:
    5 drops 3 times a day in some water.
    Even homeopathic medicines should not be taken for prolonged periods without medical advice.

    Or as directed by your physician.

    Drug Facts & Compositions

    : The application areas are derived from the homeopathic medicinal agent images. These include: influenza, and also with almond inflammation.

    Aconitum napellus (Monkshood) D4:
    Acute onset of inflammatory diseases with fever in the skin dryness; Swollen tonsils; Freezing; Burning headache.

    Ailanthus glandulosa (Tree of  Heaven) D1:
    Severe cases of infectious diseases with large weak and circulatory disorders; Inflammation of the ring revenge with swelling of glands; Tonsillitis.

    Apis mellifica (Honey bee) D2:
    Shiny and swollen mucous membranes of the mouth and throat; fiery-red tonsils; feeling of lacing together in throat; fever.

    Eupatorium perfoliatum (Bone-Set) D1:
    Flu; battering wholes; Persistent head and body aches.

    Gelsimium sempervirens (Yellow Jasmine) D4:
    Infectious diseases; Tonsillitis and general debility; Chills; Headache.

    Kalium chloratum (Potassium Chlorate)D4:
    Inflammation in the nose and throat with Fibrinous coverings; Tonsillitis coarsened with Strong almonds.

    Kalium stibyltaricum (Potassium Sulphate) D8:
    Inflammation of the lower airways with inadequate expectoration; circulatory weakness and general power Everfall.

    Lachesis muta (Bushmaster Snake) D8:
    Angina with severe swallowing complaints; Infectious diseases with fever.

    Mercurius sublimatus corrosivus (Corrosive Sublimate) D1:
    Acute inflammation of the mucous membrane highly almonds with pus formation; swallowing with pain to the ears; fever.


    Renal impairment; Hypersensitivity to bee venom; not for use in infants and young children.
    For use of this product in pregnancy and lactation there is no well-documented experience. It should therefore be used during pregnancy and lactation only after consulting with a doctor.


    General note: The effect of homeopathic medicinal products may be adversely affected by general harmful factors in lifestyle and by irritants and stimulants. If you are taking other medicines, ask your doctor.

    Side effects: considerable salivation while taking the remedy should be discontinued. Because of component mercury may occasionally allergic reactions. Because the constituent Apis mellifica can occur in rare cases, circulatory insufficiency.

    Note: When using a homeopathic medicinal product, the existing complaints may period (initial exacerbation). In this case, you should stop taking the medicine and consult your doctor.

    If you notice any side effects (which are not listed in the package insert) please inform your doctor or pharmacist.

    Note: Anginovin HM contains 53 vol .-% alcohol. In case of persistent, unclear or newly occurring complaints, fever that lasts for 3 days, a doctor should be consulted, since it may be evidence of illnesses that require medical evaluation.

    Supportive therapy: Antiflammin H Inj, Naranotox® comp, Naranotox® (Inj.)

    Other recommendations:

    Hydrotherapy; in the acute stage no movement exercises or massage, but prophylactically regular sporting activities in the open air

    Acupuncture: DI 4 – LG 14 – GBL 20 – NI 7 – LU 8

    Ear acupuncture: 10 – 15 – 73-74 – 75-101

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