• Arnica Hair & body Oil

    Arnica Hair & body Oil


    For Hair:
    Hair loss &Nourish hair
    Controls Hair fall and Dandruff
    For Premature (grey) Hair
    Depression & Exhaustion

    For Body & Skin:
    Rheumatism & Arthritis
    Nerves & Muscles Pain


    (100ml contains):


    Active ingredients:

    Arnica Montana Extr ——————— 30.0g
    Eucalyptus Oil Extr ———————– 5.00g
    Peppermint Oil Extr ———————- 5.00g
    Jojoba Oil Extr —————————- 5.00g
    Mustard Oil Extr ————————– 55.00g

    Direction to use:

    (For External use only)

    Massage gently on your hair once on the affected area.
    Or as directed by your physicia.

    Drug Facts & Compositions

    Arnica Montana oil (Leopard’s Bane) Extract:
    Falling of hairs in bunches. Scaly dandruff over the scalp. Itching and burning on vertex. Headaches; Relaxes tight muscles, muscle aches & pain, tendon strain muscles.

    EucalyptusGlobulus Oil (Blue-Gum-Tree) Extract:
    Eucalyptol is the chief active ingredient that eucalyptus oil consist other elements like valeraldehyde, sequiterpene, terpineol, pinocarveol, pinen, camphenglobulal, cineol, fenchen, &butylaldehyde. Eucalyptus oil has a warming effect on muscles & feels cool on the skinit is often Relieves joint, nerves, and muscle pains. Psychologically, it helps in combating exhaustion & dispelling mental lassitude.

    MenthaPiperita Oil(Peppermint) Extract:
    Anticarcinogenic, decongestant, anti infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, mucolytic, stimulant, hypertensive, pain-reliever. This essential oil may help arthritis, depression, skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, headaches & inflammation).It also helps in nerve regeneration & rheumatism. Peppermint promotes a healthy scalp eliminates dandruff and promote hair growth this essential oil adds shine and gloss to the hair.

    Jojoba Oil (Jojoba seeds)Extract:
    Hair that is dry or damaged has split ends & is prone to breakage and tangling. Jojoba oil restores the health of your hair in a natural and healthy way. Its composition being very close to our skin’s own oil contents, Jojabareadily absorbed by the scalp and helps in reducing dryness of hair & scalp & soothes the skin of the body.

    Thiosinaminum Oil (Mustardseed)Extract:
    Mustard seed oil, contains calcium, protein, vitamins A and E, alpha omega-3 & alpha omega-6 fatty acids. They also contain antioxidants very effective as a hair growth agent. The vitamins ensure strong hair stimulant, meaning it causes hair to grow healthier at a faster rate& also prevents hair from falling out.Mustard oil encourages the circulation of blood which helps as an Anti Rheumatic & Anti Arthritic:

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