• Chimaphila 150H

    Chimaphila 150H


    Atrophy of breasts
    Breast tumors
    Diseases of the breast
    Hardening of the breast & inflammation


    30ml packing: 10gm (=10.8ml)


    Active ingredients:
    Acidum arsenicosum Dil. D6 —————— 1.0 g
    Barium iodatum Dil. D 12 ———————- 1.0 g
    Chimaphila umbellata Dil. D 2 —————- 3.0 g
    Conium maculatum Dil. D 4 ——————- 2.0 g
    Natrium tetrachloroauratum Dil. D 10 ——- 2.0 g
    Scrophularia nodosa Dil. D 1 —————— 1.0 g

    In-active ingredients:
    Alcohol content:-53 % v/v
    Any opacities occurring in the liquid have no influence on the medicine efficacy.

    Direction to use:

    Acute conditions take 10 drops 5-6 times a day in some water.
    Chronic conditions take 10 drops three times a day in some water.

    Children Above 12: Take 5 drops 3 times a day in some water.

    Drug Facts and Compositions:

    Applications: The application areas are derived from the homeopathic medicinal agent images. These include: concomitant treatment with hardening of the breast, with inflammation.

    Acidum arsenicosum (Arsenic Acid) Dil. D6:
    Burning in breasts; Mastitis; Glandular swelling.Benign and malignant tissue growths of the uterus and ovaries.

    Barium iodatum Dil D12:
    Glandular enlargement and new growths. This remedy is used clinically for enlarge and indurated glands especially the breasts. Breast cancer, breast tumors, and breast cancer after trauma. Tumors and cancers following blows or other injuries, cuts, punctured wounds, or abrasions. Acts on the lymphatic system, increased leucocytosis; Quinsy. Mammary carcinomas.

    Chimaphila umbellate (Pipsissewa) Dil. D2:
    Suppression of milk; Rapid atrophy of breasts; Scirrhus tumors; Painful tumor of breasts not ulcerated with undue secretion of milk; Painful breast tumor in young unmarried women; Cystitis; Breast-feeding disorders; Cancer of breasts.Mastitis; painful breast tumors.

    Conium maculatum (Poison Hemlock) Dil D4:
    Tumors after injury; Stitches in breast and in nipple; Breast hard and painful; Breasts lax and shrunken with or without sexual desire; Breast cancer; Breast becomes enlarge and become painful before and after Menses. Scirrhus with lightning pains; Neoplasms in several organs.

    Natrium tetrachloroauratum (Arum chloratum nat) Dil D10:
    Inflammation and hardening of breast glands; knot formation in the pride.inflammation and hardening of the internal female sexual organs Ge; Scirrhus the uterus and breasts; Fibroids.

    Scrophularia nodosa (Knotted Figwoot) Dil D1:
    Breast tumors hard and pain; Glands enlarged; Mastits (inflammation of breast tissue) Irritation, Soreness and burning in vagina.Enlarged and indurated mammary glands; Nodules in the breasts.

    Contra-indication & Cautions:
    For thyroid disorders do not use without medical advice.
    The drug should be used during pregnancy and lactation only after consultation with the doctor.
    It should therefore not be used in children under 12 years.

    Supportive therapy:
    Naranotox® comp. / Naranotox® (Inj.) To support the immune system

    Other recommendations:
    Clinical evaluation; Activation of the immune system (hydrotherapy, exercise therapy); Promotion of lymphatic drainage (z. B. lymphatic drainage)

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