• Damiana M

    Damiana M


    Sexual organ weakness
    Erectile dysfunction
    Vigor the sexual organs
    Reduce Nervousness, Anxiety & Exhaustion


    30ml contains: 10ml=9.266g

    Active ingredients:

    Acidum phosphoricum Dil D3 ———— 8.30g
    Agnus castus MT —————————- 9.00g
    Damiana  MT ——————————— 7.00g
    Panax ginseg MT —————————- 7.00g
    Mura puma Dil D4 ————————— 8.00g
    Sabal serrulata Dil D5 ———————- 8.00g
    Tribulus terrestrisDil D4 ——————– 6.00g
    Yohimbinum Dil D8 ————————- 7.70g

    In-Active ingredients:

    Alcohol volume:-37%
    Purified water

    Direction to use:

    Adult: In chronic conditions use 10-15 drops 3 times a day and in acute conditions use 10-15 drops 4-5 times a day in some water.

    Over 50 Years: 30 drops 3 times a day in some waterafter meals.
    Or as directed by your physician.

    Drug Facts & Compositions

    Acidum phosphoricum (Phosphoric  Acid) D3:
    Sexual power deficient; Weak & relaxed genitals during sex. Weakness & pollutions emission after sex.

    Agnus castus (Chaste Tree) MT: 
    Its effects both to male & female sexual organs; General debility & depression of vital power are marked; Impotence and infertility in both sexes; but pronounced in men.

    Damiana aphrodisiaca (TuneraAphrodidiaca) MT:
    Sexual weakness; Spinal injury; Spermatorrhea; Syphilis; It shows power over the genitor-urinary system; Reduces nervousness exhaustion & anxiety.

    Panax ginseg (Wild Ginseng) MT:
    Weakness of genital organs; Sexual excitement; Nocturnal erections without pollutions; Painful erections; Rheumatic pains after frequent emissions.

    Mura puma (Liriosma Ovata) D4:
    Increases blood flow of the pelvic area;  Powerful stress reducer; Promotes sexual desire; Impotency;  Aphrodisiac for men.

    Sabal serrulata (Saw Palmetto) D5:
    General sexual debility; Nervous irritability with loss of sexual desire in both sexes; Small and underdeveloped genitals; Impotency.

    Tribulus terrestris (Ikshugandha) D4:
    Sexual neurasthenia; Impotency; Ailments from masturbation; prostate emission &spermatorrhea; Impotence caused by overindulgence of advancing of age.

    Yohimbinum coryanthe D5 ( Yohimbe Bark):
    Sexual neurasthenia with impotence; Strong and lasting erection in morning with no desire.

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