• Femin-H Sugar free tonic

    Femin-H Sugar free tonic


    Menstrual disorders
    Nervousness & depression


    (120ml contains)


    Mode of Action:

    FEMIN-H is a homoeopathic combination preparation, the active ingredients of which are designed to meet the special need of women and restore the hormonal balance in women. Symptoms of menopause are relieved; hypersensitivity towards external influences is reduced.

    Active ingredients:

    AletrisfarinosaDil D3 ——————– 2.00g
    AgnuscastusDil D2 ———————– 1.00g
    CimicifugaracemosaDilD6 ————– 2.00g
    PulsatilanigricansDil D4 —————- 0.75g
    HeloniasdioicaDil D3 ——————- 1.00g
    LiliumtigrinumDil D3 ——————- 1.00g
    IgnatiaamaraDil D4 ——————— 0.75g
    SenecioaurensDil D5 ——————– 0.75g
    CaulophyllumthaloctroidesDil D2 —– 0.75g

    In-active ingredients:

    Alcohol volume: less than 1 %
    Purified water

    Direction to use:

    Adult:In chronic conditions use 1 tablespoon (15ml) 3 times a day& in acute conditions use 1 tablespoon (15ml) 4-5 times a day.
    Or as directed by your physician.

    Drug Facts & Compositions

    Aletrisfarinosa (Star-root) D3:
    When infertility is due to weakness of the uterus; Premature and profuse menses (menorrhagia); With labor like pains (Dysmenorrhea). Gynaecological disorders with exhaustion; Symptoms in prolapse of the uterus.

    AgnusCastus (Chaste tree) D2:
    Scanty menses;Sexual weakness; Depressive conditions; Leucorrhea staining yellow & transparent.

    CimicifugaRacemosa (Cohosh) D6:
    Cramping pain in the area of the female genital organs; Menstrual and climacteric complaints; Complaints in pregnancy; Nervous  states of agitation and depression;  Amenorrhea.

    CaulophyllumThaloctroides (Blue cohosh) D2:
    Menstrual and uterine disorders; Dysmenorrhea. HeloniasDioica(False unicorn) D3: Prolapse of the uterus ; States of exhaustion and depression; Debility attending menopause.

    Ignatia Amara (St.Ignatius’ bean) D4:
    Nervous disorders; Depressive states; Feminine sexual frigidity. LiliumTigrinum (Tiger lily) D3: Symptoms in prolapse of uterus in the menopause; Nervous cardiac and circulatory complaints; Irritable depression; Pain in the ovaries and down the thighs. Acrid brown leucorrhea.

    PulsatillaNigricans (Pasque flower) D4:
    Inflammation and disorders of the female genital organs; Menstrual disorders of all type; Suppressed menses; Nervous debility. SenecioAurens (Golden ragwort) D5: Inflammation of the genital organs; menstrual disorders.

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