• Lemna



    Sinusitis (acute or chronic)
    Rhinitis (acute or chronic)
    Obstruction of nasal polyps
    Loss of smell & taste


    250mg tablet contains:

    Active ingredients:

    Acidum silicicum Trit. D3 25.0 mg
    Calcarea Hahnemanni Trit. D4 25.0 mg
    Potassium nitrate of silver Trit. D4 50.0 mg
    Lemna minor Trit. D2 50.0 mg
    Sanguinaria canadensis Trit. D6 25.0 mg
    Teucrium Marum Trit. D5 50.0 mg
    Thuja occidentalis Trit. D3 25.0 mg

    In-active ingredients:

    Calcium behenate
    Potato starch

    Direction to use:

    Adult&Children above 12 year:
    Acute conditions 1 tablet 6 times a day.
    Chronic conditions 1 tablet 3 a day.

    Children between 6 and 12 years:
    Acute conditions take 1 tablet 4 times day.
    Chronic conditions take 1 tablet 2 times day.

    Infants up to 6 years:
    Acute conditions take 1 tablet3 times a day.
    Chronic conditions take 1 tablet 2 times a day.

    Infants up to 1 year of age:
    Acute conditions take 1 tablet 2 times a day.
    Chronic conditions take 1 tablet a day.

    For infants the tablet should be dissolve in 6 teaspoon of water. Then give this solution to your child.Only after consultation with the experienced doctor.

    Even homeopathic medicines should not be taken for prolonged periods without medical advice.
    Or as directed by your physician

    Drug Facts & Compositions

    Applications:Pflügerplex® Lemna 322 H is a homeopathicMedicines for diseases of the respiratory organs. This include: colds, sinusitis, rhinitis and nasal congestions.

    Acidum silicicum (Silicea)Trit. (Silica. Pure Flint) D3:
    Catarrhal influenza; catarrh with copious, stringy, mucous discharges; chronic Rhinitis with hot, aqueous secretion; purulent inflammation of the frontal and nasal cavities; Soreness in the nasal bones; CHRO-African adenoids.

    Calcarea Carbonicum Hahnemanni Trit. (Carbonate of Lime) D4:
    Scanty, salty expectoration; coryza with nasal congestion; sore; ulcerated and swollen nostrils; chronic catarrh of the nose with epistaxis; nasal polyps.

    Potassium nitrate of silver (Kalium nitricum) Trit. (Nitrate of Potassium-Saltpeter) D4:
    Sour-smelling expectoration; Expectoration of clotted blood; coryza with wonderful, swollen nose; nosebleeds; nasal obstruction by polyps; odor reduction.

    Lemna minor Trit. (Duckweed) D2:
    Nose affections of Ozaena; polypus; rhinitis atrophica; irritation of the nasal mucosa; purulent rhinitis or dry; dryness with crusting in the nose and throat; loss of smell; nasal congestion with or without nasal polyps; pain of the nose to the ear.

    Sanguinaria canadensis Trit. (Blood Root) D6:
    Affects chiefly the mucous membranes; especially of the respiratory tract; sub acute or chronic irritation of the nasal mucous membranes; sinuses and the frontal sinus; aqueous coryza with frequent sneezing; loss of smell and taste; forehead caves catarrh; polyps of the mucous membranes.

    Thuja occidentalis Trit.( Arbor vitae) D3:
    Moist mucous tubercles; catarrh of the nasal mucosa with mucoid, purulent absorption; aqueous coryza; nosebleeds; mucosal polyps of soft consistency; painful pressure on the nasal root.

    Teucrium Marum Verum Trit. (Cat-thyme) D5:
    Chronic nasal catarrh with atrophy; large offensive crusts and clinkers; Ozaena; loss of sense & smell; chronic Rhinitis with great separation; crusting; stuffy nose; frequent sneezing and intense itching in the nose; pain in the sinus area.

    Other recommendations:
    Inhalation therapy with brine or chamomile; Hydrotherapy; Red light; Self-blood treatment

    Acupuncture: in frontal sinusitis:
    DI 4 – DI 11 – DI 20 – EX 1 (Yintang) – GBL 14 – LU 7 – LG 14

    Ear acupuncture: in frontal sinusitis:
    16-22 – 29-33 – 55-100

    The effect of homeopathic medicinal products may be adversely affected by general harmful factors in lifestyle and by irritants and stimulants. If you are taking other medicines, ask your doctor.

    Side effects:
    When using a homeopathic medicinal product, the existing complaints may period (initial exacerbation). In this case, you should stop taking the medicine and consult your doctor.
    If you notice any side effects (which are not listed in the package insert) please inform your doctor or pharmacist.

    Influencing the effect of the drug by other drugs is not known.
    Even homeopathic medicines should not be used for long periods without medical advice.
    No side effects are known.

    Precautions & warnings:
    Before starting treatment, as well as persistent, unclear or newly occurring complaints, a doctor should be consulted, since it may be evidence of illnesses that require medical evaluation.
    For use of this product there are no well documented experiences. It should therefore be used during pregnancy and lactation only after consulting with a doctor.
    Store the medicine in a cool and dry place not exceeding 30°C. Keep the medicine out of the reach of children.
    Please do not use the medicine after the stated expiry date on the label and packaging.
    For use of this medicine in children are not sufficiently documented experience before. It should therefore not be used in children under 12 years.

    PFLÜGERPLEX® General Information:
    Pflügers homeopathiccomposed productsthe homeopath George Tiller workedwith homeopathic single remediesand complex remedies. He combinedSingle agent with differentStarting points (for example, when a fluSingle remedy for fever with aagainst colds and anotheragainst occurring body achesetc.), so a wider rangehandle complaints at the same timeto.It emerged as new drugs withextended spectrum of activity comparedto the individual funds. From his daily practiceand knowledge was from 1930much of the success to dateCreated Pflüger complex means.For decades, these drugs arewith consistently high qualitymanufactured. Pflüger used exclusivelyMedicinal plants organicallyCultivation, from which the houseMother tinctures are produced.Many years of experience and traditionalProduction combined with modernLeading production technology to high-qualityhomeopathic agents,their effectiveness worldwideis estimated.

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