• Piles Caps

    Piles Caps


    Anal Fissure
    Anal Eczema
    Anal Prolapsus
    Bleeding & Itching Hemorrhoids
    Periananl Abscess
    Varicose Veins


    (500mg capsule contains)

    Active ingredients:

    Aesculushippocastanum MT ————— 50.0mg
    Collinsoniacandensis D3 ——————– 30.0mg
    Calcium Flouratum D6 ——————— 20.0mg
    HamamelisVirginiana MT —————– 30.0mg
    Nux vomica D4 —————————– 10.0mg
    Paeoniaofficinalis D3 ———————- 30.0mg
    Ratanhia peruvianaD3 ——————– 30.0mg

    In-Active ingredients:


    Direction to use:

    Adult: In chronic conditions use 1 capsule 3 times a day and in acute conditions use 1 capsule 4-5 times a day with some water.

    Children Age under 15:In chronic conditions use 1 capsule2 times a day and in acute conditions use 1 capsule a day with some water.

    Or as directed by your physician.

    Drug Facts & Compositions

    Aesculushippocastanum MT (Horse Chestnut):
    Anus raw, sore and burning in anus with chills up & down the back; Constipation; Hemorrhoids blind & bleeding painful; Worse standing & walking; Worse during menopause.

    Collinsoniacandensis D3 (Stone-Root):
    Congestion in pelvic organs, especially anus, rectum, uterus, resulting in hemorrhoids & constipation; Painful bleeding; Itching of anus.

    Calcium Flouratum D6 (Calcium fluoride):
    Fissure of anus & intensely sore cracks near the lower end of the bowel; Fistula; Bleeding hemorrhoids with pain in sacrum; Constipation.

    HamamelisVirginiana MT (Witch Hazel):
    Anus feels sore and raw; Itching at the anus; Pulsation in rectum; Hemorrhoids bleeding profusely with soreness; Inflammation of Varicose Viens.

    Nux vomica D4 (Poison Nut):
    Constriction of the rectum; Itching; Frequent constipation; Uneasy & hard stool; Blind hemorrhoids with ineffectual urging to stool; Hemorrhoid during pregnancy or after birth.

    Paeoniaofficinalis D3 (Peony):
    Anal varicose veins; Anal disorders as fissure; Fistula; abscess and hemorrhoids; Biting, itching, swelling, burning in anus; Burning in the anus after stool.

    Ratanhia peruvianaD3 (Rhatany Root):
    Fissures of the anus with great constriction burning like fire; Stool is forced by great straining followed by prolonged aching and burning.;Oozing at anus; Dry itching anus; Pinworms.

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