• Protitis comp

    Protitis comp


    Nervous weakness
    Prostate enlargement
    Prostatic hypertrophy
    Weak bladder

    Composition:  50ml packing

    10 g (= 10.9 ml)

    Active ingredients:

    Chondrodendron Dil. D3
    [HAB, V. 4a with ethanol 62% (m / m)] ——– 3.0 g
    Conium maculatum Dil. D4 ———————- 1.0 g
    elphinium staphisagria Dil. D3 —————— 1.0 g
    Lytta vesicatoria Dil. D4 ————————– 1.0 g
    Piper cubeba e fruct. Intangible. rec. Dil. D3
    [HAB, V. 4a with ethanol 62% (m / m)] ——– 2.0 g
    Serenoa repens Dil. D1 —————————- 2.0 g

    Inactive ingredients:

    Alcohol content: 56 % v/v

    Direction to use:

    Adult: In Acute conditions use 10 drops 5-6 times a day & in Chronic conditions use 10 drops 3 times a day in some water.

    Or as directed by your physician.

    A beyond one week of administration should be only after consultation with a homeopathic expert therapists.

    Drug Facts & Compositions

    Applications: The application areas are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures. These include: discomfort with prostate enlargement.

    Chondrodendron (Pareira brava) Dil [HAB, V. 4a with ethanol 62% (m / m)] (Virgin Vine) D3:
    Prostatic affections and catarrh of bladder; painful inflammation of the urinary tract; Bladder retention disorders; Enlargement of the prostate; colicky pains from the kidneys down the legs radiating.

    Conium maculatum (Poison Hemlock) D4:
    Testicles hard and enlarged. Desire increased; power decreased. Sexual nervousness; urination with stranguria and burning in the urethra; Prostatitis; Prostatic hypertrophy; Cystitis.

    Delphinium staphisagria (Stavesacre) D3:
    Especially after self-abuse; persistent dwelling on sexual subjects; Spermatorrhea; burning in the urethra during urination; Prostate trouble; frequent micturition; Irritation of the urinary tract.

    Lytta vesicatoria (Cantharis)(Spanish Fly) D4:
    Strong desire; painful erections; Pain in glands; priapism in gonorrhea; acute cystitis with violent pains and tenesmus; together-pulling, burning pain in the ureter; Urinary retention.

    Piper cubeba e fruct. Intangible. rec. (Cubeba officinalis) Dil [HAB, V. 4a with ethanol 62% (m / m)](Cubebs) D3:
    Mucosal inflammation of the urinary and sexual organs; Prostatitis, with thick yellow discharge; Urethritis; prostatitis; Prostatic hypertrophy; Enuresis; micturition complaints; Paresis of the bladder sphincter.

    Serenoa repens (Sabal Serrulata)(Saw Palmetto) D1:
    Prostatic troubles; enlargement; discharge of prostatic fluid; wasting of testes and loss of sexual power; coitus painful at the time of emission. Sexual neurotics.

    NOTE: This medicine improves only the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, without eliminating the enlargement. Therefore, please look at your doctor on a regular basis. When blood in the urine or acute urinary comportment seek medical assistance immediately. Protitis comp. Contains56 Vol .-% alcohol.\

    Interactions: Not known         

    Side effects: Not known

    Other recommendations:

    Hydrotherapy (heat therapy); Balneotherapy; sufficient exercise in the fresh air; warm clothes and holding the feet; Waiver of ice-cold drinks; no excessive coffee or alcohol; no suppression of the urge to urinate.

    Acupuncture: KG 3 – 4 KG – BL 23 – BL 28 – LE 3 – NI 6 – MP 6

    Ear acupuncture: 22 – 51-55 – 80-93 – 94-95

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