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Abrotanum – MT


Class C
Acalypha indica, commonly known as Indian Nettle, offers various potential health benefits rooted in traditional practices:

Anti-inflammatory Aid: Acalypha indica is believed to possess natural anti-inflammatory properties that could aid in managing mild discomfort and swelling.


Respiratory Support: In some traditional systems, this herb has been used to address respiratory issues and promote clear breathing.


Skin Relief: Certain formulations containing Acalypha indica are used externally to soothe minor skin irritations and support overall skin wellness.


Digestive Comfort: It’s suggested that Acalypha indica might offer relief from occasional digestive discomfort and support gastrointestinal balance.


Diuretic Properties: This herb is sometimes considered as having diuretic effects, potentially assisting in promoting healthy urine flow.


Traditional Usage: While Acalypha indica has been valued in traditional practices for these purposes, consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable before incorporating it into your wellness routine. Their guidance ensures its safe and effective use based on individual health needs.



Common Name:  Indian nettle
Urdu Name: khokali
Origin:  India
Parts Used: Whole plant

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Additional information

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