We are a medium size, family-owned & family-friendly company. We blend organic plant extracts, mother tinctures, Dilutions, Bio mineral, Titurations and Unique combinations and other personal health care products with highest quality and effectiveness. Our Philosophy of Formulation is simple:

“We Make products for people we love, and then share them with the world”

We combine years of tradition, research, and lots of clinical trials to create products that work as well as you expect them to.

We hold every single ingredient to the “Natural Standard”, a rigorous look at the growth, sustainability, and supply chain of each ingredient we use. That means that when you use DR.ZIA Homoeopathic Pharma products, you can be sure that you are using the purest, most natural products available in the market.

We owe our success to the recipe of constant quality up gradation and strategic market policies. Further, we also lay emphasis on comprehensive research and development facilities, skillful application of the latest processes and innovative production techniques that ensure our unit operates to its fullest manufacturing capacity.


Dr. Willmar Schwabe pharmaceutical company invited Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob to Germany and Standard Homoeopathic Pharmacy was made an official distributor of Schwabe products in Pakistan. This was the very first time imported homoeopathic medicines were introduced in Pakistan through our firm.


Standard Homoeopathic Pharmacy expanded into a manufacturing company. The expansion was made possible by Dr. ShujahuddinYaqoob and Dr. ZiauddinYaqoob – the son’s of Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob.


Dr. ZiauddinYaqoob visited Germany and USA and made an agreement with Hyland’s USA, Apia Laboratory (Germany) and Pfluger Laboratory (Germany) to introduce their products in Pakistan and became the sole-distributors of these well-known international pharmaceutical companies.


Dr. ZiauddinYaqoob introduced Boericke&Tafel (U.S.A), Luyties Pharmaceutical (U.S.A) and JSO Pharma (Germany) products in Pakistan.


Standard Homoeopathic Pharmacy integrated forward and launched a Marketing & Sales department for the distribution of the products of DR.ZIA Homoeopathic Pharma Pakistan, Pflueger Germany, Apia Labs Germany and Hyland’s USA products in Pakistan. It is headed by Dr. ZeeshanYaqoob – grandson of (late) Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob


At the start of 2009 Standard Homoeopathic Pharmacy was registered under a new name – DR. ZIA Homoeopathic Pharma. This year also saw the birth of a new venture by Dr.Zeeshan Zia Yaqoob, the Yaqoob Homeopathic Center – For a Complete Health Care.


Field force of DR.ZIA Pharma expanded. Marketing and Sales Department started conducting bi annual seminars and training workshops for doctors/retailers/whole sellers.

New Products were launched,Gastrozee and Nephrozee. DR.Zeeshan Zia Yaqoob introduced Export Department in the company and successfully started export of company medicines.


New Product launch of Damiana M, Asthmazee&Eupharasia Eye drops. IMS(Inventory Management System) was introduced at distribution level.


New product line launch of Tonic range was introduced. GingSoy, FeminZee, CoughZee, Gastrol.