Established in 1951, Dr. Zia Pharmaceuticals is among the leading importers, exporters and manufacturers of Homeopathic medicines in Pakistan.


Dr. Zia Pharmaceuticals / P-36 Symphoricarpus Vomistop

P-36 Symphoricarpus Vomistop



Aethusa cynapium Dil.D4
Apomorphinum hydrochloricum Dil.D4
Cucurbita pepo Dil.D1
Gossypium herbaceum Dil.D3
Potassium stibyltartaricum Dil.D8 (= Tartarus stibiatus)
Symphoricarpus albus e fructibus rec. Dil. D2



Homoeopathic medicine to help relieve symptoms associated with Diarrhea, Gastritis, Motion sickness,
Nausea, Seasickness, Stomach cramp & Vomiting.



Acute condition 1 tablet 6 times a day
Chronic condition 1 tablet 3 times a day.

Children: The dosage in children is carried out according to the homoeopathic physician experienced medical practitioner .A beyond one week of administration should be only after consultation with a homeopathic expert therapists.

Note: If vomiting occurs must be paid to the replacement of fluid and electrolytes the most important therapeutic measure. If vomiting occurs, holding more than 3 days, or has blood in or is accompanied by fever, a doctor should be consulted. 1 (pregnancy and lactation)

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