Established in 1951, Dr. Zia Pharmaceuticals is among the leading importers, exporters and manufacturers of Homeopathic medicines in Pakistan.


Quality Homoeopathy Dilutions & Mother Tinctures

Please be aware that all our products adhere to the GHP, USP, IHP, and BP Pharmacopeia standards.

Every product we offer has undergone thorough clinical testing and verification.

Our products are completely free from toxins, devoid of side effects, and do not present any contraindications.

We design our products with the intention of fortifying your body’s natural defenses, rather than relying on toxic substances that can compromise the immune system, to combat illnesses directly.

Our medications do not interfere with other concurrent medications you might be taking.

We craft our products using the finest natural raw materials available.

Prior to packaging, each product undergoes stringent quality control testing, and we strictly adhere to GMP standards throughout the production process.


We provide market-ready, top-notch packaging that combines both quality and visual appeal. Our packaging specialists vigilantly oversee the packaging procedures to guarantee flawless packaging. The choice of packaging materials is made thoughtfully, taking into account the specific characteristics of the medication and the required quantity.


We take meticulous care in storing both our raw materials and finished products in our warehouse, ensuring their safety. Our warehouse is thoughtfully designed and generously spaced, featuring distinct sections for the convenient separation of various materials. Additionally, we maintain an efficient inventory system that enables us to meticulously track both incoming and outgoing shipments, contributing to the overall organization of our operations.


Our most invaluable resource is our team of skilled individuals. It is their unwavering commitment and collaboration that have allowed us to turn our dreams and aspirations into tangible achievements. DR. ZIA Laboratories Pvt LTD. is composed of experts carefully selected from various fields, managing a wide spectrum of functions encompassing research and development, process refinement, production, and quality assurance, as well as environmental sustainability, utilities, maintenance, safety, health, and the ecosystem.

Likewise, seasoned professionals lead critical operational domains such as marketing, finance, human resources, engineering, and other key areas.

The core management team, responsible for shaping the company’s growth strategies, consists of forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, and cooperative senior leaders, under the guidance of the Founder and Managing Director. They have played a pivotal role in elevating DR. ZIA Laboratories Pvt LTD from a concept to its current standing as a national industry leader.

Team of Experts

The achievements of our organization are attributed to our team of experts possessing profound knowledge in the relevant industrial domain. They diligently oversee the manufacturing of these medications and are wholeheartedly dedicated to meeting our clients’ expectations.

Our team comprises:


Medical professionals

Quality assurance experts

Research and development specialists

Skilled workers

Sales executives

Regulatory managers

Every team member plays a vital role in standardizing our pharmaceutical product range, ensuring it is both pure and of superior quality. They receive training on the use of various machinery to enhance production efficiency.

Our medical practitioners specialize in the field of pharmaceuticals and are well-versed in the concepts and formulations of pharmaceutical products. Herbs are carefully selected and processed to create herbal products. Our experts fully grasp the value and significance of human life, leading them to implement rigorous safety measures throughout the manufacturing process.