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Dr. Zia Pharmaceuticals / Wild Brier Sprouts Extract

Wild Brier Sprouts Extract


Rosa Canina MG=D1


Organotropism: reticuloendothelial system, respiratory system, osteoarticulary system.


Therapeutic action:

Anti-inflammatory and antiallergic,the remedy for recurrent inflammatory disturbances, Favor the tyramine neutralization (the main cause of vasomotor headaches), Vitamin supplement.



Immune system: help to decrease the respiratory infection frequencies (prevention); improves the symptoms from respiratory tract infections, being indicated to children with growth disturbances due by the recurrent respiratory infections.

Migraine and vasomotor headaches.

Contraindications & Warnings: Not known.



Adults and children over 7 years old: 2 ml, 2-3 times a day, with a little water, before the meals or 2 ml, once a day, in association with other gemmotherapic products.
Children between 2-7 years old the dose must be reduce to half from the adults dose.

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