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Juniper Sprouts Extract


Juniperus Communis MG=D1


Organotropism: liver, urinary system, osteoarticulary system, digestive system, blood vessels and general metabolism.


Therapeutic action:

Strong detoxifying effect by diuresis, Anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing, stimulates the liver’s cells metabolism, Increase the diuresis at liver affected persons, correct the hypo albuminemia, normalize the osmotic balance, Anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing, stimulates the function of affected kidney, Anti-rheumatic action (inhibits the ciclo-oxygenase), eliminates the uric acid and urea, being recommended in special to persons with liver damages.



Digestive system: sustains the detoxifying function of liver (liver failure and cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis);  neuro-vegetative regulator in aerophagia.
Urinary system: sustains the kidneys functions (recurrent cystitis, kidney failure); helps to eliminate the  kidney stones (oxalate and calcium).
Osteoarticulary system: at persons with liver damages: gout and hyperuricemia states rheumatism, arthritis,
arthralgia (in association with gemmotherapic products having recommendation on osteoarticulary system).
Side effects: it is recommended to be used with careful in acute kidney inflammations.


Contraindications & Warnings: It is recommended to be used just in well established syndromes. Do not be used in pregnancy (can have toxic effect on uterus) and during breast-feeding.



1-2 ml, 2-3 times a day, with a little water, before the meals or 2-3 ml, once a day, in association with other gemmotherapic products or as liver and kidney drainor.

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