Established in 1951, Dr. Zia Pharmaceuticals is among the leading importers, exporters and manufacturers of Homeopathic medicines in Pakistan.


Dr. Zia Pharmaceuticals / P-40 Verbena – Pflueger

P-40 Verbena – Pflueger


20ml Packing

Compositions: 10 ml (= 10 g)


Active ingredients:

Ammonium carbonicum D4
Atropa belladonna D6
Euphorbia cyparissias D3
Taxus baccata D4
Rhus toxicodendron D10
Verbena officinalis D2



Alcohol content 51% v/v



Homeopathic medicine for the temporary relief of the symptoms associated with acne, chickenpox, herpes & zona.


Recommended Dosage:

Children age above 1 year & under 6 years:

Take 5 drops 3 times a day in some water.


Children age from 6 years to 15 years:

Acute condition:

Take 10 drops 4 to 5 times a day in some water.

Chronic condition:

Take 10 drops 3 times a day in some water.



Acute condition:

Take 20 drops 4 to 5 times a day in some water.

Chronic condition:

Take 20 drops 3 times a day in some water.






No contra-indications have been found so far. In case of any changes seen, refer to your physician immediately.

Keep this and all medicine out of reach of children.

Keep it in a cool & dry place.

Shake well before use.



Ammonium carbonicum D4:

Tonsillitis; Pharyngitis; Nasal catarrh; Pneumonia.


Atropa belladona D6:

Acts on every part of nervous system, colic, fever, toothache, and headache.


Euphorbia cyparissias D3:

Constipation, toothache, warts, corns, and other conditions.


Taxus baccata D4:

Plants contain the substance ‘taxol’ in their shoots. Taxol has shown exciting potential as an anti-cancer drug, particularly in the treatment of ovarian cancers. Treatment of asthma, bronchitis, hiccup, indigestion, rheumatism and epilepsy.


Rhus toxicodendron D10:

Swindle old people getting up, accompanied by arthritic and rheumatic complaints.


Verbena officinalis D2:

Nervous depression, weakness, irritation, spasm, vesicular erysipelas, passive congestion, intermittent fever, epilepsy, insomnia.







Precautions & Warnings:

For fever, severe headaches, or persistent, unclear or newly occurring complaints, a doctor should be consulted. The drug should not be used during pregnancy and/or lactation.


The effect of homeopathic medicinal products may be adversely affected by general harmful factors in lifestyle and by irritants and stimulants. If you are taking other medicines, ask your doctor.

Side effects:

When using a homeopathic medicinal product, the existing complaints may period (initial exacerbation). In this case, you should stop taking the medicine and consult your doctor.

If you notice any side effects (which are not listed in the package insert) please inform your doctor or pharmacist.



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