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Common Fig Buds Extract


Ficus Carica MG=D1


Organotropism: cortico – diencefalic axe, neurovegetative system, gastro – intestinal tract.


Therapeutic action:

Regulates the gastric secretion, cicatrize the digestive mucosa, useful in “hypo” and “hyper” type gastric secretion disturbances, diencefalic action in psychosomatic diseases.



Digestive system: neurovegetative and psychosomatic or functional gastro – duodeno – colic level disturbances duodenal and gastro – duodenal ulcer with pains and dyspeptic disturbances (that not respond to classical allopathic treatments or in case of relapses) alone or associated (long term treatment); gastric dyskinesia, hyper- and hypotonic gastritis, duodenitis, colitis, helps to improve the psychosomatic manifestations at the gastro – duodenal level, neurovegetative and psychosomatic disturbances, depression, phobic and obsessive neurosis, neurasthenia.

Contraindications, warnings: Not known.



1 -2 ml, 2 times a day, in a little water, in the morning and in the evening, in gastritis and colitis. 3 ml, once a day, in a little water, in the morning, in gastro duodenal ulcer. It is recommended maintenance cures of one month in the spring and in the autumn for persons affected at the gastro-duodenal level.

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