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Silver Lime Buds Extract


Tilia Tomentosa MG=D1


Organotropism: central nervous and neurovegetative system, smooth and striated muscles, cardio-vasculary system.


Therapeutic action:

Anxiolitic, hypnotic (act on sleeping center, but also on cortico-hypothalamus axees and reticular substance, increase the serotonin level), Sedative, Choleretic, Mild blood vessel dilating effect, Anti-spastic, Mild blood pressure decreasing effect.



Nervous system: improve the quality of sleep (adults and children insomnia), helps to calm in nervousness, restlessness and stress (neurovegetative dystonia with anxiety, sleeping pills dependency; excitability, tranquillizer in allergies, nervous pruritus, heart disturbances due by stress, nervousness, high blood pressure, hypertonic biliary dyskinesia, spastic colitis, cystalgia at women with anxiety or obsessive neurosis associated with frigidity, depressive disturbances with anxiety due by contraceptives).


Contraindications & Warnings: Not known



Adults and children over 7 years old: 2 ml, 2-3 times a day or 20 drops, 2 times a day in case of paradoxal effect of exciting, with a little water, before the meals.
Children between 2-7 years old: 10-40 drops, in the evening, before fall in sleep, in a little water.
The dose must be chosen by exploring, starting with 10 drops.

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